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Bill Severn's Magic with Rope, . . .

Rope Tricks

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Bill Severn's Magic with Rope, . . .

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Funny Party Hats am990 My Favorite Rope Trick

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Three separate ropes of various length , suddenly become all the same length, and then is turned into one long rope. But Wait ! It then reverts back to three original lengths. Its Great.Three

The Rise of the Indian Rope Trick: How a Spectacular Hoax Became History

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“A rope rises up into the air. A boy climbs up the rope and when the boy gets to the top he vanishes into thin air,” explains Peter Lamont, winner of the Jeremy Dalziel prize in British Histo

42 Amazing Rope Tricks Book Magic Book (1 per package)

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Illustrated. 47 pages. Paperback1 per package

Amazing Color Changing Rope by Zanadu - Trick

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A white rope on your fingertips instantly turns vibrant blue or yellow!No Cover, No Switches, No MovesThe rope does the magic for you and there is more magic in the rope!

Coin and Rope Tricks (Magic Handbook)

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Astound and amaze your friends with illusions, mindbending number puzzles and the best tried and tested magic tricks around with these engaging handbooks.Used Book in Good Condition

Gilbert Knots & Splices with Rope-Tying Tricks

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Learn to tie knots, splice rope, and use rope in magic tricks done by famous magicians! First published in 1920, Alfred C. Gilbert's (1884-1961) classic covers a variety of useful knots as well as tri

MAGIC TRICKS DVD - An Amazing Magic Tricks DVD Collection of Classic Rope Tricks and Stunning Magic Tricks with Rings and Strings, All Fully Demonstrated and Explained in Easy to Follow, Step-by-Step Videos. A Must for Both Experienced Magician and Magical Beginner to Baffle Friends and Blow the Minds of Any Audience

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Trick Rope (Standard)

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Remember, cowboys and cowgirls need to know how to rope and ride, so get your rope skills mastered with this handy trick rope accessory. It will turn any novice into a master!Includes: Trick r

Empire Magic Zig Zag Rope Trick

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A rope is severed and magically restored.A rope is severed and magically restored.

Rope To Silk Magic Trick, 15 Inch

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In this great effect, a piece of rope seems to defy gravity by standing on end. Then, in an instant, it changes into a brightly colored silk handkerchief. Instructions and routine idea included. Recom

Abbott's Encyclopedia of Rope Tricks for Magicians

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Legendary encyclopedia for magicians contains over 150 tricks: Loop the Loop, Jamison's Severed Rope, The Tarbell Rope Mystery, The Encore Rope Trick, Eddie Clever’s Triple Cut Routine, Bachelo