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Jim Stott's Ultimate Magic Kit

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Jim Stott's Ultimate Magic Kit

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Magic is fun to watch and even more fun to perform! With Jim Stott's Ultimate Magic Kit, you will learn magic tricks that are actually used by professional magicians. Once you learn these tricks you w

Jim Stott's Deluxe Magic Kit

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Start your young magician on a fascinating hobby by selecting Jim Stott's Deluxe Magic Kit. This set includes some of the most popular magic tricks for children that are easy to learn and perform.

Jim Stott's Street Magic Kit

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Street magic has become one of the most popular forms of magic. David Blaine and Criss Angel have shown how magic can be done to entertain people practically anywhere. And now, you too, can be perform

Fantasma Magic Top Hat Show

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425MS Features: -What an awesome magic kit.-Endorsed by the international brotherhood of magicians the world's largest magical organization.-For ages 5 years old and up.-12.8" H x 10.5" W x 4" D, 1.4

Jim Stott's Ultimate Card Magic Kit

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Card magic is one of the oldest forms of entertainment known to man. Jim Stott's Ultimate Card Magic Kit provides everything you need in order to start entertaining friends, family, and anyone else yo

Color Changing Hanky

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A red and blue hanky is shown. With one motion of the arm it turns yellow and green. A staple in the magic industry. Anyone can do it! Approx. 17" long.Highly recommended-easy to do!M

Ideal 40-Trick Magic Show Kit

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The POOF-Slinky 0C340 Ideal 40-Trick Magic Show Kit contains everything your little magician needs to put on a mysterious magic show! Give your kids the gift of magic with this super kit that's sure t

Criss Angel Platinum Magic Kit, Black

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Criss Angel MINDFREAK Platinum Magic Kit includes the following effects: 1 MINDFREAK Card Deck, 8 Spikes for Spikes Through Coin, Spikes Through Coin Case, 1 Secret Floating Device Card, 1 Card Case,

The Magic School Bus - Chemistry Lab

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Young scientists club the magic school bus: chemistry labaccompany ms. fizzle and her students to explore the field of chemistry. young scientists club the magic school bus: chemistry lab teaches kids

4M Kids Magic Set

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Amaze your friends and family by putting on your own magic show and performing 12 magic tricks, right before their very eyes! It's magic in a science kit and 4M Kidz Labs has made it appear! Make your

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Magic Set

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Criss Angel MindFreak Platinum Magic Kit w/ Instructional DVD

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The hottest new magician Criss Angel plays mind tricks on his audiences all over. He was voted magician of the century! People love his shows in Las Vegas. Have you ever wanted to know how he does