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Luminous Ink Reader Kit for Reading Marked Cards Used to Cheat Poker or Magic Tricks

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The luminous ink is a new ink type substance used to mark playing cards. The luminous ink acts as invisible ink and is invisible to the naked eye but with the red filter film or the luminous ink reade

Cigarette Through Card with Video Tutorial - Magic Trick

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Details: Product Name: Cigarette Through Card Packet Includes: gimmicked card x1 + paper instructions + seed card ( to find video tutorial ) x1 Product Size: about 3.6 x

Magic Makers Black Scorpion Deck

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Designed by Magic Makers, Inc. & printed by US Playing Co. The Scorpion Deck is a two toned black and yellow poker deck, the first of its kind! This deck features yellow and white pips. Beyond the

Banshees: Cards for Throwing - Trick

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Precision. Speed. Impact. Durability. A fusion of card throwing awesomeness -- with a sonic scream. Card throwers destroy dozens of decks while practicing their throwing. Banshees are engineered with

Best Card Trick Lite

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Quick Card TrickEasy to learn and performIn-built tutorial can get you learn in few minutesShow/Hide tutorial with double click

Karen Pryor, 10 Trick Card Set with I-click for Dogs

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10 Trick Card Set with I-click for dogsEasy TrainingFast TrainingMake your training effective and fun!Affordable

Self-Working Close-Up Card Magic: 56 Foolproof Tricks (Dover Magic Books)

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Easy-to-master crowd-pleasing tricks, require a deck of cards and offer beginners experience in handling an audience. Instructions.

Card Trick Magic with Stephane Vanel

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Learn to perform incredible card tricks and impress your friends!Have you ever seen an amazing card trick and wondered how it was done? If so this is the video for you!Get inside the mind of Stephane

Stop Light Cards - Easy Magic Trick

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A chosen color vanishes from the selection card and reappears on a blank card. Simple & Amazing!A chosen color vanishes from the selection card and reappears on a blank card.Simpl

4M Kids Magic Set

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Amaze your friends and family by putting on your own magic show and performing 12 magic tricks, right before their very eyes! It's magic in a science kit and 4M Kidz Labs has made it appear! Make your

Scarne on Card Tricks (Dover Magic Books)

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In this treasury, the world's number one card wizard sets forth the precise details of 150 professional card tricks — none of which require sleight-of-hand dexterity. Presented with simple inst

Masters Bicycle Combo: Invisible, Svengali and a Standard Deck Blue Back

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Masters Bicycle Combo: Invisible, Svengali, and a Standard Deck- Blue Back Only Receive three decks that you can do countless tricks! The Svengali Deck of cards is a specially constructed deck that